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Isabella Manilia

Isabella Manilia

A former model, Isabella joined 3 years ago and maintains a current membership at the club despite a recent house move taking her to the other side of town.

Looking at her photos it is hard to believe but Isabella is in her late 30’s, holds down a demanding full-time job  and is mother to three teenage girls the eldest of which is 21.

Isabella is Brazilian by birth and her personality is as warm and sunny as her native climate.  She is an outstanding example of what Nautilus equipment and the short high-intensity Nautilus exercise programs can do for busy women who don’t have time to spend hours on a treadmill every day. 

Traditional high-volume cardio-based workouts that are promoted by most gyms have consistently been shown in scientific studies to be inefficient and unproductive in respect of what most women wish to achieve in terms of fitness and weight-management.

Many women half Isabella’s age would be envious of her beauty and vitality and when asked what her ‘secret’ is her answer often surprises them, and is not usually what people expect to hear:

Isabella: “My secret is hard work. If you want to look good then you have to work hard and quickly. Using silly small weights and doing long boring workouts doesn’t work for me. Here in UK the gyms seem to have classes and systems that are too long and do a lot of damage to the body, especially to the joints. Do your own research and get advice from the right people about your training program and your diet and don’t just follow the latest craze advertised in a magazine. There are many Nautilus gyms in Brazil and it is known that their machines and training systems are the best in the World, so I was very happy to find a Nautilus gym here in Kettering”.

Isabella’s favourite Nautilus machines are: DUO SQUAT, HIP & BACK and DOUBLE CHEST.

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