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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

After moving to the area with a new job I quickly joined the Nautilus Gym and was warmly welcomed by Tony and Karen.  I’d always loved training and the buzz of a good workout but with having to work long hours in my new job I was finding it hard to dedicate the hours I was used to putting in at the gym. I was achieving success in my career but I wanted to achieve my bodybuilding and fitness goals too. After discussing my predicament with Tony he introduced me to H.I.T. (high intensity training) and the Nautilus/Arthur Jones exercise philosophy.  This was a revelation to me and caused me to completely re-evaluate my whole approach to training. Knowing that I could in fact get twice the results in half the time with the Nautilus system gave me a new enthusiasm and drive to achieve my goals in the gym.

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) combines specific isolation and compound exercises to deliver incredibly focused workouts. Tony developed a 3-day split routine for me that I’ve been able to make solid strength gains with, sculpt my physique and boost my cardiovascular fitness. Years later I still use the core elements of that routine! Training using high intensity principles, I typically spend about 45 minutes in the gym but I’m not throwing weights around, everything I do is slow and controlled so every muscle fibre is worked through the positive, static and negative portions of each exercise. I find the science behind effective training really interesting and I enjoy discussing new ideas with Tony. He is always coming up with new ways to improve tried and tested routines which is a testament to his expertise and helps to keep my training fresh and interesting.

My progress with the Nautilus machines and the H.I.T. system led me to win HEAT MAGAZINE’S National ‘Torso of the year’ competition which was big boost to my confidence and encouraged by that win I hope to enter some natural Bodybuilding competitions in the near future.

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