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Daryl Bryant Daryl Bryant

Daryl Bryant in the British Army, currently serving with 4th Battalion ‘THE RIFLES’.

I’ve been in active service for over 10 years, in which time I’ve been on Operations to various places including Kosovo, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan and the Sangin district of Helmand Province. After returning from my most recent tour of Afghanistan, I was awarded an MID for Gallantry.

"When on leave I like to train at Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre for a number of reasons… not many gyms are flexible with their memberships and usually only offer annual or 6 month memberships which would be of no benefit to me as my leave is never generic. What Nautilus offer is the flexibility that enables me to take advantage of a great gym during any time off I get without any sign-up fee, long contract, cancellation fee etc. I can make the most of having access to a great gym with a very good range of different equipment to suit my training needs.”

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Tom WilliamsTom Williams

“The owners of the Nautilus Natural fitness Centre have created everything you need under one roof to achieve your fitness goals from sourcing without doubt some of the best equipment in the world, along with offering a superb friendly environment to train to the max in! The gym also offers a complete supplements section that is extremely competitive in price that I personally like to take full advantage of".

Tom Williams - BSc (Hons) Sports Science and Personal Training

REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer /REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Dedication to the sport and a punishing High-intensity training program has led to Tom being able to realize his ambition to play Rugby at a high level. He captained the Bedford Blues Colts Academy for the 2006-07 seasons when they successfully lifted the National Colts Cup. He currently plays semi- professionally for the Leicester Lions in The National 2 North league. Prior to this he played for Kettering Rugby Club from the age of 11 to 17 years.

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Steve BurtonSteve Burton

After moving to the area with a new job I quickly joined the Nautilus Gym and was warmly welcomed by Tony and Karen.  I’d always loved training and the buzz of a good workout but with having to work long hours in my new job I was finding it hard to dedicate the hours I was used to putting in at the gym. I was achieving success in my career but I wanted to achieve my bodybuilding and fitness goals too. After discussing my predicament with Tony he introduced me to H.I.T. (high intensity training) and the Nautilus/Arthur Jones exercise philosophy.  This was a revelation to me and caused me to completely re-evaluate my whole approach to training. Knowing that I could in fact get twice the results in half the time with the Nautilus system gave me a new enthusiasm and drive to achieve my goals in the gym.

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) combines specific isolation and compound exercises to deliver incredibly focused workouts. Tony developed a 3-day split routine for me that I’ve been able to make solid strength gains with, sculpt my physique and boost my cardiovascular fitness. Years later I still use the core elements of that routine! Training using high intensity principles, I typically spend about 45 minutes in the gym but I’m not throwing weights around, everything I do is slow and controlled so every muscle fibre is worked through the positive, static and negative portions of each exercise. I find the science behind effective training really interesting and I enjoy discussing new ideas with Tony. He is always coming up with new ways to improve tried and tested routines which is a testament to his expertise and helps to keep my training fresh and interesting.

My progress with the Nautilus machines and the H.I.T. system led me to win HEAT MAGAZINE’S National ‘Torso of the year’ competition which was big boost to my confidence and encouraged by that win I hope to enter some natural Bodybuilding competitions in the near future.

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Sarah FranklinSarah Franklin

“As the owner of a busy Law firm my gym time is by necessity very limited, so my workouts have to be fast and efficient.  As a racing driver muscular strength in key areas is essential for me in terms of driving stamina and protection from collision injuries and the Nautilus machines target the exact areas of the body that I need to strengthen. The Nautilus machines do this quickly and efficiently and more thoroughly than any other equipment I have tried. The Double shoulder, Four-way neck, Trap shrug and super-forearm machines are absolutely perfect for my sport and I have not seen them in any other gym in Northamptonshire. I have benefitted from Tony and Karen’s advice for over 7 years now and I highly recommend both their services and their facility. The Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre it is an outstanding gym in every respect, the fact that they have reached the finals of the National fitness awards in the ‘gym of the Year’ category for the last 3 years consecutively leaves no doubt about that.”

Sarah Franklin - ISIS LEGAL, Horsemarket, kettering.

* NEWS FLASH!  Sarah recently crashed at Silverstone due to rear tyre failiure at 110mph! flipped 7 times! ...incredibly Sarah walked away with only minor bruising!  Full details can be seen on her website:

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Jessica Anderson - GB Team SkierJessica Anderson - GB Team Skier

Everyone tells me I was born to ski – it all started when I was just a day old, when my parents named me after the French Ski resort of Tignes, and hasn’t stopped ever since!

I was skiing at the age of two and a half, and winning races by the time I was six! I was the winner of the British Indoor Championships, European Indoor Championship and the Scottish Indoor Championship in 2008, and won many other races, which is just one step further towards my ultimate ambition – to win Olympic Gold for Britain.

Skiing is great sport and I hope many other children will take it up when they hear about my success. I train every Sunday morning at SNO!zone Milton Keynes – if you are ever in the area, pop by and see me, and my team mates in training.

Click on 'More photos' below to see Jessica in action. For more info on Jess and to watch her competition videos visit her website:

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Isabella ManiliaIsabella Manilia

A former model, Isabella joined 3 years ago and maintains a current membership at the club despite a recent house move taking her to the other side of town.

Looking at her photos it is hard to believe but Isabella is in her late 30’s, holds down a demanding full-time job  and is mother to three teenage girls the eldest of which is 21.

Isabella is Brazilian by birth and her personality is as warm and sunny as her native climate.  She is an outstanding example of what Nautilus equipment and the short high-intensity Nautilus exercise programs can do for busy women who don’t have time to spend hours on a treadmill every day. 

Traditional high-volume cardio-based workouts that are promoted by most gyms have consistently been shown in scientific studies to be inefficient and unproductive in respect of what most women wish to achieve in terms of fitness and weight-management.

Many women half Isabella’s age would be envious of her beauty and vitality and when asked what her ‘secret’ is her answer often surprises them, and is not usually what people expect to hear:

Isabella: “My secret is hard work. If you want to look good then you have to work hard and quickly. Using silly small weights and doing long boring workouts doesn’t work for me. Here in UK the gyms seem to have classes and systems that are too long and do a lot of damage to the body, especially to the joints. Do your own research and get advice from the right people about your training program and your diet and don’t just follow the latest craze advertised in a magazine. There are many Nautilus gyms in Brazil and it is known that their machines and training systems are the best in the World, so I was very happy to find a Nautilus gym here in Kettering”.

Isabella’s favourite Nautilus machines are: DUO SQUAT, HIP & BACK and DOUBLE CHEST.

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