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Tyrone CarneyTyrone Carney

 "I'm pretty new to weight training but have had some experience using the equipment in other Gyms and its obvious to me already that the Nautilus machines are in a different League. After joining I could quickly see why the gym has made the finals of 'Gym of the year' awards 3 years running. I like Nautilus because of the friendly atmosphere and the fact that it's a 'clean' gym, not just because of the 'no steroids' rule but because it actually has CLEAN machines, CLEAN toilets and CLEAN changing rooms!...makes a really nice change from some other gyms I've been to!"

James WestJames West

"I've moved quite a lot over the past few years and as a result of this I've been to numerous gyms. I have been a member only 2 months and I'm already very pleased I chose Nautilus over the usual lot. Nautilus has a very different atmosphere than other gyms, feels more personal, like having your own huge home gym away from home!... so I don't plan on changing gyms any time soon. Shortly after joining I introduced my twin brother Daniel to the club. Being an identical twin doesn't mean we always have the same views or opinions lol ...but one thing my brother and I are in total agreement about is that you would have to go a long way to find a better Gym than the Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre."

Chris HornbrookChris Hornbrook

 "I decided to join a Gym because I want to gain some Muscle and lose a bit of weight around my waist. I joined the Nautilus Gym because I want to achieve my goals the natural way without using drugs. If you do it the natural way I think it's a lot healthier and more genuine and you can take a real pride in what you have accomplished. I'm fairly new to it all and finding the Nautilus machines very tough (!) but I'm learning more every workout and seeing results already. A SERIOUS training gym but a really nice clean and FRIENDLY gym and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to train hard on top equipment without having to put up with all the bad stuff that goes on at other so-called serious Gyms. The Nautilus Gym is 5 star in my book and at only £30.00 per month I'm more than happy!"  :)

Torvald RomeisTorvald Romeis

 "I've been weight training for a few years but had never taken it particularly seriously. After having a poor experience at another gym in Kettering a friend introduced me to Nautilus. At the time I was suffering with an injury to my ankle but Tony gave me some sound advice and remedial exercises I recovered quickly. My training really took off at Nautilus and within just a couple of months I had gained a lot more muscle mass. I love training at the Nautilus gym and the environment is something I had been looking for but just couldn't find in the other Gyms I tried out. The advice I get from the gym and the training is the best I've ever experienced and I'd recommend it to anyone".   

Jack BuckerfieldJack Buckerfield

" I've not been a member for very long but already noticed a big improvement in my muscle size and strength which has really helped my boxing. The Nautilus style H.I.T. workouts are new to me as most of my training for boxing is geared toward endurance and quite low-intensity. I am getting the best of both worlds now and really enjoying it. As a drug-tested athlete I really like the no-steroids rule and the gym has a really friendly atmosphere, whatever level you are at you won't feel intimidated at Nautilus. I use the Gym's Pro-Natural brand of supplements and protein shakes which have helped my recovery a lot, they taste far better and cost a lot less than other products I've tried. I travel all the way from Desborough to train at Nautilus as there is no other Gym like it".

Mitch BurgessMitch Burgess

 "I really enjoy training at the Nautilus Gym because it has a very friendly and positive atmosphere. Coming from a customer service background I really appreciate how difficult that is to achieve and the work that is required to maintain it.  As a beginner I don't feel uncomfortable or out of place as there are people training there at all levels. It makes a nice change to find a serious training club with proper equipment that is not full of drugged up Bodybuilders and posers. I like the fact that most of the members seem to be Athletes from different sports or just ordinary people who are serious about getting fit and healthy. Its the only Gym in Kettering where you can leave your wallet and phone in the changing room and never worry about it being stolen. For me, it's the best gym in Kettering by a mile."

Mantas KlovasMantas Klovas

 "  Really nice people and amazing machines. Everything is clean and looked after well which is a nice change from other gyms. I have made some good gains in size and strength since I started training at Nautilus, I'm very happy".

Paulius AdomaviciusPaulius Adomavicius

"The Nautilus gym has very good atmosphere. A busy Gym but not too much crowded (which i don't like). Over 40 machines I counted and many dumbells and weights but clever design so always feels like much space to train. Everyone friendly but coming to train and not to talk and act stupid. I like it is members only gym style and no casual users so no stealing there and no worry about my wallet & phone. It is a classic style gym which has the best equipment (Nautilus!) for results the natural way for muscle size and strength, or fitness for your Sport".

Isabella ManiliaIsabella Manilia

"There are many Nautilus gyms in Brazil and it is known that their machines and training systems are the best in the World, so I was very happy to find a Nautilus gym here in Kettering”.

Jake CrabbJake Crabb

" I have been a member at the Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre for 2 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. As a runner and natural Athlete I really appreciate the 'no steroids' drug-free ethic of the club. There are some really strong guys there who take their training very seriously and some outstanding athletes and sportsmen but they are all drug-free and that is very inspiring for me. At first, being new to the weights game I didn't really appreciate how good the Nautilus machines were until I tried the equipment at a few other gyms....and guess what...I'm still at the Nautilus Gym!"

Dan MorganDan Morgan

"The Nautilus gym is the best gym in Kettering in my opinion, it's in a different league from the rest really. I've been a member for nearly 2 years. I had to quit earlier this year due to losing my day job but thanks to the gym's own marketing system I was able to come back and train for half the price! How many other gyms could do that for you? The Nautilus machines are amazing and very rare in UK, even rarer to find this many under one roof. My favourite Nautilus machines are the Double chest and the Double shoulder, although to be fair they are all spot-on, and an amazing free-weights area with lots of different bars and attachments. I'll still be here next year for sure".

Nigel MarriottNigel Marriott

"I've been training at the Nautilus Gym for over 2 years. I really love the atmosphere in the gym and the machines are the best I've ever seen. The club is very strict on safety rules but that actually makes for a more relaxed environment because you don't have to worry about some idiot dropping a weight on your foot or tripping over something that hasn't been put back in it's place. You always hear people cracking jokes and laughing on the gym floor but you never see any of the stupid and dangerous stuff I've seen go on at other gyms and no bad language either, the staff here don't tolerate that kind of thing. I think they've got the balance right at Nautilus between friendly on customer relations but firm on the rules which is the best way to be in my opinion, it's the best gym I've ever trained in by far and certainly the safest and the friendliest".

Vytas PundysVytas Pundys

 "Since i've started training in this gym I have achieved great results and I can say the equipment is REALLY good. It has got everything you need to pump your muscles up to the Max! Great atmosphere and very nice people!"

George WissenGeorge Wissen

The Gym has a massive range of the early Nautilus machines which are easy to use and give a great work-out in a much shorter time than other makes of equipment. The management are very helpful not only with instruction but also with membership. After leaving kettering to attend York University I was worried I might not still be able to use the Nautilus gym  on my occasional home visits and end up paying high membership fees at gyms that were not as well equiped. I am really pleased that Nautilus have allowed me to continue using the gym on University breaks during my visits home whether I want to train for two weeks or two months. As an athlete in a drug-tested sport (Rugby) I appreciate the drug-free stance and rules of the club and the Nautilus leg, neck and forearm machines which I have never seen anywhere else on my travels. Nautilus is the best gym in the area and the friendliest and their supplement prices are way below the other gyms in town. You can't go wrong at Nautilus and I 100% recommend it in every department.

Josh WallJosh Wall

Since joining Nautilus I have found that everyone at the gym is very welcoming and easy going which creates a friendly environment to be in. It is a privilege training there, being able to use their top of the range equipment and facilities. Every time I go to train I always learn something new, the advice and tips I receive from Tony and Karen are always useful and they definitely know how to help you train the correct and safest way. At this gym you will see a vast improvement in your knowledge as well as your health and fitness.

I would happily recommend this gym to anyone of any age or physical build whether you’re just a beginner or an advanced trainer, everyone there will treat you equally and with respect. You will settle in straight away, just as I have. 

Lewis CoomerLewis Coomer

"I'm still learning about High intensity training but I've already noticed a big difference in my size and strength. I think these machines are amazing!...they have a different feel altogether and far better than anything I've come across in the other gyms in Kettering".

Michael CoomerMichael Coomer

 "I've been training at Nautilus for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it. The Nautilus machines are the best I have ever trained on and it's a really friendly Gym. My brother and 3 of my mates have also joined and they are all really happy there. I would highly recommend the gym to anyone who enjoys serious training on top equipment, in a drug-free and friendly environment."

Alex RomichAlex Romich


" I was still a member of another Gym in kettering when I first came to Nautilus. I heard all my mates going on about how amazing the machines were and how friendly the gym was and I must admit it all sounded a bit too good to be true especially the 'no steroids' rule. To cut a long story short, I decided to join the minute I walked into the place. It's just an amazing gym in all, ethics, atmosphere, supplements, everything really. I'm really enjoying my training now and I think I'll be a member here for a long time. Nautilus is as close as you will ever get to a perfect gym in my opinion".

Sarah FrankinSarah Frankin

"I have benefitted from Tony and Karen’s advice for over 7 years now and I highly recommend both their services and their facility. The Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre it is an outstanding gym in every respect, the fact that they have reached the finals of the National fitness awards in the ‘gym of the Year’ category for the last 3 years consecutively leaves no doubt about that.”

Steve BurtonSteve Burton

"I find the science behind effective training really interesting and I enjoy discussing new ideas with Tony. He is always coming up with new ways to improve tried and tested routines which is a testament to his expertise and helps to keep my training fresh and interesting. My progress with the Nautilus machines and the H.I.T. system led me to win HEAT MAGAZINE’S National ‘Torso of the year’ competition which was a big boost to my confidence and encouraged by that win I hope to enter some natural Bodybuilding competitions in the near future".

Luke NicholsonLuke Nicholson

Training at Nautilus has been Great. There are so many machines for every part of your body and so many combinations you can create with them. There is a really friendly feel to the place and everyone seems to get on very well. The free-weight section is my favourite area because there is a massive selection of free-weights where you can progress gradually with plenty of extra weight and very heavy dumbbells if you want to really push yourself. I have trained at other gyms in the area and Nautilus is by far the best gym I have been to and the one I have made the most progress in. 

Gatis BardavskisGatis Bardavskis

 " I have been member for 6 months now, really great gym and very friendly place. My brother he is a member also. Machines and weights are best in Kettering for sure. I recommend!"

Daryl BryantDaryl Bryant

"What Nautilus offer is the flexibility that enables me to take advantage of a great gym during any time off I get without any sign-up fee, long contract, cancellation fee etc. I can make the most of having access to a great gym with a very good range of different equipment to suit my training needs.”


"After training in the Nautilus Natural Fitness centre for nearly 2 years now I have found that the machines are the best I have ever trained on and I have made more gains with the Nautilus machines than any other equipment I have used in other gyms over the years. Tony and Karen are very nice helpful people and have made me very welcome in the gym. I look forward to many more years of productive training on this amazing equipment".

Tom WilliamsTom Williams

"“The owners of the Nautilus Natural fitness Centre have created everything you need under one roof to achieve your fitness goals from sourcing without doubt some of the best equipment in the world, along with offering a superb friendly environment to train to the max in! The gym also offers a complete supplements section that is extremely competitive in price that I personally like to take full advantage of".

Edvinas KrilaviciusEdvinas Krilavicius

"As a beginner I really like the friendly and welcoming environment and helpfull staff. Nautilus Gym has a full range of the best machines and Free-weights you can find anywhere. My favorite machines are the super forearm and lower back extension."


“Awesome gym!....awesome equipment!  I love all the Nautilus machines but the abdominal crunch machine is my favourite at the minute.”


" A very friendly and totally non-intimidating gym....all the guys who train there act like proper Gentlemen even the young ones and are really friendly and helpful so I feel really comfortable there. I've never heard any bad language from them or seen any bad behaviour, I think the rules that the owners have at Nautilus have a lot to do with that, they are superb and stop the bad behaviour that I've seen in other gyms. I especially like the 'switch off your mobile' rule as being a business woman I make and take so many calls during a working day it's just lovely to be able to train and then relax for an hour or so without hearing a single ringtone....pure heaven! I have gotten to know Tony and karen quite well and when I go to the Nautilus Gym I feel I am among friends. I love the powerful sunbed they have with the grilles instead of the plastic panels which block a lot of the UV light and heat out (really hate those lol!). My job involves a lot of International travel but I have never found a gym as good as this one in any country I have visited. The Nautilus gym have got everything right in my opinion and thoroughly deserve the awards they have won".

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