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Speculation that Tony and Karen would retire after the birth of their son Tino was confirmed when the couple decided to close the facility on November 30th 2012 after 12 years at the Corn Exchange.

Karen said:

" We were offered another lease by our Landlords in June 2012 but declined to commit to it as I was 4 months pregnant at the time. Tony and I had decided long ago that the long hours and stress involved in running a gym are not ideal for family life or getting quality time with your children. Over time we have developed two of our own Gym marketing systems which we have branded and will start licensing to other Gyms in when Tino is older, these are web-based and will be run by appointed staff, taking much of the pressure off Tony and I. These new businesses were the other significant factor in our decision. We achieved everything we set out to do with the gym and more so we are not at all sad, in fact it has provided an excellent platform from which to launch our new business ventures and the joy we feel at the birth of our son has made has made our happiness complete. The whole Nautilus equipment range was sold to a Nautilus collector friend of ours who will be re-opening the Gym in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire next year. As well as being a great USP the Vintage Nautilus machines were a smart investment for us as they continue to increase in value each year while all other Gym equipment depreciates. At the end of the day we retired as a debt-free company and have walked away with twice the amount that the gym cost us to set up, so we have no complaints and consider ourselves blessed in so many ways. We would like to thank all of our customers both past and present, not only for their custom but for the many tributes, kind wishes and congratulations received via phone and email. Tony and I are both very grateful to everyone and wish them all continued good health in the years to come wherever they may be training and hope that the things they learned at the Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre will continue to stand them in good stead in the years to come.Tony and I will take with us and treasure many happy memories from the Gym and hope that they will too".

In 2000 the couple transformed and restored the semi-derilict former Cinema, doing most of the refurbishment work themselves over a 6 month period, including the restoration of the original theatre plasterwork features. In 12 years they accumulated one of the finest collections of vintage Nautilus machines in the World shipping in units from as far away as Germany and Nevada USA. As well as maintaining their natural bodybuilding links and a non-admittance policy toward steroid/drug users, the couple achieved a 12 yr perfect health & Safety record and a zero theft record despite never having had any lockers installed. These and many other positive factors led to the gym reaching the finals of the NATIONAL FITNESS AWARDS in the 'regional Gym of the year' category for three consecutive years (2010, 2011 & 2012).

* The Nautilus Gym website will continue until Tony and Karen's new businesses and websites go live, so you can still log in and keep up to date with forthcoming developments by returning to this  'NEWS' section over the next few months.*

PHOTO: karen and baby son Tino.

Tino 2
Tino 3
Tony & Tino bike
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