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Speculation that Tony and Karen would retire after the birth of their son Tino was confirmed when the couple decided to close the facility on November 30th 2012 after 12 years at the Corn Exchange.

Karen said:

" We were offered another lease by our Landlords in June 2012 but declined to commit to it as I was 4 months pregnant at the time. Tony and I had decided long ago that the long hours and stress involved in running a gym are not ideal for family life or getting quality time with your children. Over time we have developed two of our own Gym marketing systems which we have branded and will start licensing to other Gyms in when Tino is older, these are web-based and will be run by appointed staff, taking much of the pressure off Tony and I. These new businesses were the other significant factor in our decision. We achieved everything we set out to do with the gym and more so we are not at all sad, in fact it has provided an excellent platform from which to launch our new business ventures and the joy we feel at the birth of our son has made has made our happiness complete. The whole Nautilus equipment range was sold to a Nautilus collector friend of ours who will be re-opening the Gym in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire next year. As well as being a great USP the Vintage Nautilus machines were a smart investment for us as they continue to increase in value each year while all other Gym equipment depreciates. At the end of the day we retired as a debt-free company and have walked away with twice the amount that the gym cost us to set up, so we have no complaints and consider ourselves blessed in so many ways. We would like to thank all of our customers both past and present, not only for their custom but for the many tributes, kind wishes and congratulations received via phone and email. Tony and I are both very grateful to everyone and wish them all continued good health in the years to come wherever they may be training and hope that the things they learned at the Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre will continue to stand them in good stead in the years to come.Tony and I will take with us and treasure many happy memories from the Gym and hope that they will too".

In 2000 the couple transformed and restored the semi-derilict former Cinema, doing most of the refurbishment work themselves over a 6 month period, including the restoration of the original theatre plasterwork features. In 12 years they accumulated one of the finest collections of vintage Nautilus machines in the World shipping in units from as far away as Germany and Nevada USA. As well as maintaining their natural bodybuilding links and a non-admittance policy toward steroid/drug users, the couple achieved a 12 yr perfect health & Safety record and a zero theft record despite never having had any lockers installed. These and many other positive factors led to the gym reaching the finals of the NATIONAL FITNESS AWARDS in the 'regional Gym of the year' category for three consecutive years (2010, 2011 & 2012).

* The Nautilus Gym website will continue until Tony and Karen's new businesses and websites go live, so you can still log in and keep up to date with forthcoming developments by returning to this  'NEWS' section over the next few months.*

PHOTO: karen and baby son Tino.

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TV films Olympic Flame @ NAUTILUS!TV films Olympic Flame @ NAUTILUS!

 Tony gave the TV company filming the UK Olympic Torch Tour permission to film the arrival of the Torch on Kettering's Market place from the Gym's 1st floor balcony. Access to the balcony was granted after Tony was approached by cameraman Paul Wood. Lucky Gym members like Vytas and Mantas (see photo) got to see the event and take photos and video on their phones from the best spot on the Market place! The SAMSUNG team bus & staff arrived all in a very appropriate 'Nautilus Blue' lol! Click on 'MORE PHOTOS' to see pictures of the event.

* Gym members ALEX ROMICH and LEWIS COOMER were serving as Olympic stewards in Corby as the torch passed through the Town.

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Jessica POWERS ON!Jessica POWERS ON!

 As promised, here's an update on the progress of GB Junior team skier 14 yr old Jesicca Anderson. After training at Nautilus once or twice a week for only 5 weeks Jessica has gained 3lbs in Bodyweight and increased her strength significantly. She continues to impress us with her rapid progress and professional approach to her High-Intensity workouts which to be fair are pretty new territory for her.Last Saturday only minutes after Tony had taught her the correct technique for deadlifting Jessica pulled 75 Kilos off the floor at a Bodyweight of only 47 Kilos! This was a NATIONAL CALIBER lift!! Experienced powerlifter14 year old Lucy Rayner recently Deadlifted 100 kilos to win the South-West England Ladies Junior Powerlifting Championship at a bodyweight of 56.8 Kilos.(see here: )

If you do the Math it works out that 'pound for pound' Jessica is the STRONGER of the two! Especially impressive when you consider that it was Jessica's FIRST EVER serious deadlift! It remains to be seen what she is capable of after perfecting her techinique and a few more months of serious training under her belt. Jessica is very petite and the smallest Skier on the Junior ladies GB team, however what she lacks in size she makes up for in determination and her physical ability is rapidly catching up to her mental strength. She is a tough little character and certainly no quitter, see this article from 'Snow Sport England' website where Jessica carried on to achieve a podium place despite previously hurting her back in a bad fall  earlier in the day:

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Congratulations Alex!Congratulations Alex!

 Congratulations to club member Alex Romich for being selected as a security steward for the forthcoming Olympic Games. A lot easier to hold those torches up with a bit of meat on your shoulders eh Alex? Well done and best wishes from everyone here at the Club.

* photo is from article featured in Evening Telegraph on Saturday May 26th.

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GB Skier Jessica Anderson joins NautilusGB Skier Jessica Anderson joins Nautilus

The Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre is proud to announce that GB team skier Jessica Anderson has joined the gym for some specialist H.I.T. training on the legendary Nautilus machines. She is receiving personal training from Tony and karen and has been put on a program designed specifically for her sport and a dietary supplement program based around Tony and karen's 'Pro-Natural' product line. Jessica has responded well to the training and is delighted to have already increased her strength and bodyweight after just a few sessions.  She is using the Pro-Natural ATP Anabolic multi-formula protein shake and the ZMA mineral tablets as well as several other products for joint health and energy production. All products are of course 100% natural and drug-free and will assist Jessica's performance and recovery. We will keep you all posted on Jessica's progress.

Click on 'More photos' below to see Jessica in action.

* For more info on Jess and to watch her competition videos please go to our 'VIP MEMBERS' section and visit her website.


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Official: Cory Davison in remission!Official: Cory Davison in remission!

Great news about Cory Davison, now officially in remission after his latest scan. Click on 'More photos' at bottom of page for recent newspaper articles from the North-East sent to Tony this week by his Aunty Pat Hemsill who lives in Blyth.

Tony and Karen who have been sending health products to Cory to aid in his recovery are delighted for him and the rest of the family.

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Darryl's Tenerife Tan!Darryl's Tenerife Tan!

Darryl Bryant was in Town recently after returning from a break in Tenerife, looking bigger and better for the break he was also sporting a serious Tan....difficult to get in Afghanistan wearing 50lbs of kit lol!

Always nice to see him return safely from a tour of duty in good health and we wish him continued success in his Army career.

Darryl is featured on this website in the VIP members section.

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Tony & Karen help Cory Davison AppealTony & Karen help Cory Davison Appeal

Tony and karen have donated scalar technology products to Blyth Spartans Mascott Cory Davison to assist him in his recovery from a Brain Tumour. They have also donated health supplements as a raffle prize for Cory's appeal function at the Spartans Social Club for the children's Cancer ward of Newcastle RVI. (see link posted below for further details). Tony noticed Cory's appeal while surfing the Spartans website, he decided to contact Cory's father Steve Davison and was pleasantly surprised to find that Steve is a friend of Tony's son in law Danny and that Steve's eldest son Liam and Danny's son Cameron (Tony's Grandson) play on the same Blyth schoolboys team! (Cameron is Tony's eldest Grandson and can be seen elsewhere on this website in the 'Testimonials' section).

Cory Davison is a brave little 7 year old Blyth boy whose courage has touched the Hearts of people all over the North East. He has a rare gene defect which doctors say was the cause of him developing a life-threatening brain tumor. Cory's twin brother Cain also shares the same faulty gene but thankfully has not had any health problems so far. 

You can see further information about Cory's struggle with cancer here:

We wish a speedy recovery and a bright future to both Cory Davison and Blyth Spartans!  :)

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National Fitness awards FinalsNational Fitness awards Finals

One again the Gym has gained a top 5 placing in the 'Regional Gym of the Year' category for the Midlands & Wales sector. The Nautilus Natural Fitness Centre was the only club in Northamptonshire to make it through to the finals in the category. The glittering 5 star event was held at the ICC in Birmingham and was attended by many fitness celebrities including Big brother star Alex Reid and Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly who presented the awards. Over 5000 entries were received nationally across 10 categories and judges spent 4 weeks visiting short-listed gyms and Fitness Centres from all over the UK. Gyms were judged on a variety of factors including quality of facilities as well as customer satisfaction and Health & Safety. Managing Director of the Nautilus Gym Karen Paterson said: "We are very proud of our achievements at the awards. The judges said that they liked our strict anti-drug policy at the club and were impressed with our unblemished 11 year Health & safety record. We also scored highly on the quality of our equipment and the uniqueness of the gym". Karen and partner Tony Lucchesi have equipped the club with 35 of the famous Nautilus 1st generation machines which they have shipped in from locations around the world from as far away as Nevada USA. The club recently opened a ground floor supplement shop and protein shake bar and has launched a food supplement range under its own label called Pro-Natural. Asked about plans for next year Karen said: "With the launch of own marketing system to other gyms throughout the UK next year we are excited about the future and hoping to do even better at the national fitness awards in 2012". UPDATE 2012 : Although missing out on the top spot again, the club was proud to be selected in the top 5 finalists for regional 'Gym of the year' in the NFA's for an incredible third consecutive year!  :0) 

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